Mini Breakthrough Session

Easily remove the 5 main negative emotions holding you back; anger, fear, sadness, hurt, and guilt! These negative emotions play a major role in how we think and feel about the past. By releasing them it allows you to create the future you desire without the limitations of these emotions!

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1 on 1 Coaching

Are you ready to let go of whats holding you back and create strategic action towards what you desire? I take my 1 on 1 clients through a proven process that allows you to release negative emotions & limiting beliefs, create new strategies, and create the future you desire. 

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Business Consulting

I started, ran (for 10 years) and sold a successful service business. I now help business owners like you maximize your profit by removing barriers and creating lucrative strategies. Book a free strategy call to learn how I can help your business succeed today! 

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Breakthrough, Gain Confidence, and Thrive

Let's discuss how we can get you their.
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Violetta Grzesko

"I had a powerful breakthrough session with Michael which helped me remove old habits and doubts that were preventing me from moving forward with my business. The breakthrough session triggered personal transformation process that cemented a platform for success and abundance in my life. Michael is a great coach and I would recommend him for anyone who wants to make changes in their life"

Julie Wuis

“Michael is a true healer. His calm demeanour and willingness to help made me feel cared for, more than any other practitioner I had dealt with in the past. After my first session with Michael, I was astounded. The gratitude I feel for Michael’s work is beyond measure.

Michael, thank you so much for all the compassion and assistance you have given me on my journey of healing."