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Learn 5 breathing techniques so you can reduce anxiety and stress less.

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Im Ready To Stress Less

Here’s what this breathwork course can do for you...

 I’ll show you how to use your breathing to send calm, soothing signals to your brain. And hack the two way communication mechanism in your autonomic nervous system. 

Use your body to slow your heart rate, and relax muscles to feel better now. Clearer thinking is a few breaths away.

The more you practice this active meditation process….

The more you change your body. And the more you impact your life. 

These 5 different guided breathing exercises will help you:

✅Release stress and anxiety

Relax your body

Get mental clarity

Reset your nervous system

Relieve tension

Sleep better

Increase your energy

Breathwork is so powerful, even the military uses it to get combat ready. 

If it works in a life or death situation...Imagine what effects this will have in your everyday life?  

Designed with you in mind. This program’s is set up to help you experience relief fast.

It’s convenient. Learn these simple breathing techniques at your own pace. 

Presented in an easy to consume digital video format... 

It won’t take up precious space on your hard drive. And you get lifetime access. 

The program’s pre-recorded because I want it available whenever you need it.

If you have an internet connection, I’m at your service. Ready to provide instant relief. And immediate results. In 7 minutes or less.

Once we do it together a few times… you can use these tools on your own. No special equipment required.

Breathwork works anywhere, anytime, and in any situation -- no one will judge you for breathing. We all do it. (But when you do it show up how you want to.) 

And when you want me to guide you through it again, I’m here for you.

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Hey, I'm Michael

I know how you feel right now. There is so much advice out there, and so many people willing to help, so how do you choose?

I felt the same way when I struggled with debilitating anxiety and chronic stress. Daily life was brutal. I was exhausted from exhausting all my options. Ten years is a long time to suffer. 

And, it was worse than most people know...I ran a successful business, but the panic attacks were slowly killing me. 

Surviving cancer was the final straw. 

When I found breathwork, it gave me a simple way to instantly calm my inner turmoil.

Finally, I could relax. Sleep. Recover. I could be calm and confident, no matter what stressful situation I faced...

Knowing how to influence my body, helped me manage my mental health…

...And my whole life changed.

This method worked so well, I got certified as a meditation and breathwork teacher! 

Helping others change their lives is an awesome way to live mine.

Let Me Help You, Help Yourself

Raving client reviews:

“I immediately felt a sense of calm.”

Doing breath work with Michael shifted me in a profound way! I was struggling with awful anxiety. I found I was so overwhelmed that I could barely breathe. The anxiety also made it impossible to find focus in my day. After doing breath work with Michael, I immediately felt a sense of calm. The anxiety faded and I felt instantly more connected to myself again.

--Simone Lovell

“I felt instantly more relaxed.”

I was getting anxious at work and having a hard time concentrating. After trying the first breathing technique and using it at work I felt instantly more relaxed. I now use the breath all the time and have shared it with lots of my colleagues. Thanks Michael!

--Alex Sinclair

"Released the clutter in my mind & spirit."

Doing breathwork with Michael helped me break down and release the clutter in my mind & spirit. His energy and positivity infected me and provided guidance to grow with a different perspective to gain clarity, strength, and faith to reach new heights. 
--Bruna Rocha
I Want This Too!

How you breathe affects your whole body...

Several studies show breathwork: 

Reduces Stress

Increases alertness

Boosts your immune system

Provides greater self-awareness.

Maybe it seems too simple, too easy... Can you really have all this...from breathing? These are big promises.

And the science shows that with specific breathing techniques... your body will deliver. 

It’s designed to do this. You were born with the ability to influence your autonomic nervous system…even if you don’t realize it yet.

When you learn how to breathe experience profound change.

Let me help you take your life back. This course is the fastest way to start.

All these benefits are yours for the taking, with a simple click.


Breathe your way to better health.

My step-by-step video program is easy to watch. The techniques are simple to use. 

With results you can less than 7 minutes!

Get lifetime access to my breathwork course for only $27 and inhale the benefits today.

Breathe your way to a better, healthier you today. 


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Disclaimer: Breathwork is generally a safe practice. Research has shown significant and varied health benefits for most people. And especially those who deal with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Insomnia, Autoimmune Disorders, Asthma, and COPD.
That being said, all information presented is an educational resource only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Use of these techniques is at your discretion. Always listen to your body -- if at any time you feel dizzy or light-headed, take a break. 
Always consult your healthcare provider with any questions before beginning any new health practice, fitness activity, etc. Breathwork isn’t recommended for anyone taking antipsychotic medication or who has a history of cardiovascular issues (including high blood pressure).